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Keep scrolling to find out the easydoo story! Discover how we started creating flexible work organisation solutions in 2018

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Who we are - Our background

The best ideas often arise in the unexpected moments. For us at easydoo, it was a relaxed evening with friends, a glass of wine in hand, the fire crackling – a setting far away from rigid office walls and endless meetings. But it was here, in the midst of laughter and stories, that easydoo's journey began. Our founder, Andreas Schwengeler, shared his frustration with the inefficiency and inconclusiveness of meetings, a sentiment that was met with immediate approval. Despite different industries and functions, everyone knew the problem all too well. It was clear that a solution was needed that was simple, intuitive and efficient. Since at that time a tried-and-tested, but already outdated software developed by Andreas Schwengeler's software company had to be slowly replaced, the question arose as to why not kill two birds with one stone and create something new from the many years of experience with their own tool, which would meet the needs of so many?

We got to work. Our research in different industries and at different company sizes revealed a universal problem: too many tools, too long decision-making paths, neglected communication, incomplete task implementation and inefficient meeting preparation. Our goal quickly became clear – to develop a tool that gets to the root of these problems. A tool that simplifies the process, without system breaks or complicated applications. A tool that is just as suitable for complex corporate structures as it is for SMEs or associations. Then easydoo was founded!


easydoo AG, based in Egnach TG, started in 2018 with the development of a collaboration software with the aim of creating a simple, user-friendly, cost-effective and flexible solution for meetings, task management, work planning and collaboration. easydoo is a software developed 100% in Switzerland. Our customers include organizations (companies, clubs, associations, etc.) of various types and sizes. Our CEO, Andreas Schwengeler, has extensive knowledge and many years of experience as CEO of a leading software manufacturer for associations and non-profit companies.

What vision are we pursuing with our software

Regardless of the industry, the areas of responsibility and the functions, we are faced with different challenges in terms of work organization on a daily basis.

·      We have a huge flood of information that we have to deal with every day.

·      We have gaps in our work processes.

·      We have an abundance of communication channels.

·      We have to overcome system disruptions on a regular and laborious basis.

These factors are a major contributor to the fact that we feel stressed again and again. Our everyday life consists of monitoring, thinking, keeping information in our heads, reprioritizing tasks over and over again, searching for and gathering information, determining that it is already "five to twelve" and then, sometimes more and sometimes less, improvising. This costs us strength.

We at easydoo are convinced that with simple principles that our tool brings to the table, you can close these gaps and, according to the approach of "Getting things done" (David Allen), you can master your tasks much more efficiently and much more relaxed in a short time.

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