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General Terms and Conditions for the Use and Licensing of easydoo

  1. General terms and conditions for the use and licensing of easydoo

  2. Definitions

  3. Scope/Change to General Terms and Conditions

  4. Conclusion of the contractual relationship

  5. Contract term, termination and consequences of termination/contract adjustment

  6. Services from easydoo/Intellectual Property

  7. Rights and obligations of the customer

  8. Subscription prices and payment terms

  9. Customer Liability and Indemnification

  10. Representation and warranty from easydoo

  11. Liability and limitation of liability as well as scope of liability of easydoo

  12. Data protection and data processing

  13. Final provisions

2. Definition


2.1. Subscription/Plan


The different offer variants according to the description on the easydoo website A distinction is made between paid and free subscriptions.


2.2. Offer

The services according to availability and description on the easydoo website


2.3. Subscription price

Paid subscription fee.

2.4. Username

Access name chosen by the customer.

2.5. easydoo

easydoo AG, headquartered in Egnach, Switzerland (CHE-356.903.335), or easydoo application.

2.6. Customer data

The data generated and/or required by the customer through the use of easydoo's services.

2.7. Customer

User/Contractor/User. Any user (member, administrator, super administrator, owner) of the software who has registered with easydoo.

2.8. Workspace

Virtual workspace, which is provided on the software «easydoo» by easydoo.

2.9. Team

Can be formed from members of the canvas for more direct collaboration.


3. File folders

Can be created by admin or super admin and shared with individual members or entire teams. Each element on easydoo is stored in at least one folder to which at least one member has access.

3.1. Owner

Each customer who has created their own workspace or has been named owner in a canvas has all subscription rights and obligations, is always a super administrator at the same time, can appoint additional super administrators, can transfer owner role to another member, can be the only one to delete the workspace. The owner has licensing rights, stores credit card details, etc.

3.2. Super-Administrator

There can be multiple Super Admins in a canvas. One of them is always the owner. They are defined by the Owner or another Super Administrator and have all the rights and responsibilities of the Owner. However, he cannot transfer the owner of the canvas to another SuperAdministrator and cannot delete the canvas.

3.3. Administrator

Each member of the desktop can be appointed administrator by a super administrator and gets additional rights. He has access to the general settings and can view the member administration. They can invite or delete additional members, create teams, and create folders, as long as the subscription quota allows it

3.4. Members

Invited to the canvas by the administrator or super admin. The member can collaborate in the desktop.

3.5. Supervisor

The supervisor is responsible for the work item. They created it themselves or they were assigned as a supervisor by a member. The supervisor is informed about all actions on the work item.

3.6. easydoo Elemente

Any element on easydoo e.g. Work Item, Session, Document, Chat, etc.

3.7. Work Item

Any work item that is created in a canvas and requires an action. e.g. agenda item, task, decision, etc. Each work item belongs to the work surface, is stored in at least one folder and has a supervisor (see 2.12).

3.8. File Hosting Links

External files that are linked to work items on easydoo via a link, so that other members can work on the same file via the link and have all the information available.

3.9. Custom Branding

Own logo on the meeting minutes.

4. Meeting

Meetings that can be mapped on easydoo from preparation to complete minutes.

4.1. Documents/Files

External files (Word, PowerPoint, e-mails, images, videos, etc.) that are uploaded to easydoo in order to link them to work items and make them accessible to other members.

4.2. Assign

A work item can be assigned to someone. The member who is assigned a work item is responsible for the execution. Only one member is assigned at a time.

4.3. Conversation/Chat

A conversation can be started on files, work items, etc. in easydoo in order to communicate directly with other members in the right context.

4.4. External/Third-Party Systems/Connector

Possibility to connect external systems to easydoo (e.g. CRM tools) in order to upload data records from them to easydoo and link them to other elements on easydoo. (This feature is not included in the subscription)

4.6. Passwort

Individually chosen password/password for authentication.

4.7. Servers

Central data processing system(s) used by easydoo.

4.8. Services

The products and services provided by easydoo in accordance with Section 6.1 of these Terms and Conditions.

4.9. Software

"easydoo" software for collaborative collaboration and task management.

5. Quota

Space made available for a canvas that is shared among members. This also includes the number of work items.

5.1. Features (non-exhaustive)


1.              Web Application

2.              Chat

3.              Documents

4.              Meetings

5.              Calendar (optionally with synchronization)

6.              Documentation

7.              External Data / Connector (Third-Party Systems)

8.              Calendar and Calendar Synchronization

3. Scope of Application/Amendment of General Terms and Conditions

3.1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to the contractual relationship between easydoo and the customer as well as all users of easydoo's services. The T&Cs apply to all services provided by easydoo in connection with the provision of the software as well as storage space for the use of the services via the Internet by the customer in accordance with the description in section 6.1 hereafter and on the website, When registering, each customer (contractor) must read and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

When registering, each customer (contractor) must read and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.


3.2. Changes to T&Cs/Application when Purchasing New Services

easydoo is entitled to change or adapt the terms and conditions at any time. easydoo will inform customers of the changes in advance before the new GTC comes into force. If the T&Cs are not accepted by the customer, the subscription is considered terminated. This is the end of the contract in accordance with No. 5.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, additional future services that enhance or improve the current Service, including the release of new tools and resources, will also be subject to the then-current version of the Terms.


3.3. Exclusion of the Customer's Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of the customer expressly do not apply to the contractual relationship between easydoo and the customer.


3.4. Beta Access

Customer may be invited to participate in the review and testing of pre-released versions, new beneficial tools, and enhancements to easydoo's Services, which may be disclosed to Customer as "Alpha", "Beta", "Preview", "Pre-Release", "Early Access" or "Review" products or services (collectively, "Beta Tests" and the pre-released feature is the "Beta Product"). Customer acknowledges and understands that its participation in Beta Testing is not required and is at Customer's own risk, and that Beta Products are made available "as is" without any warranties or warranties of any kind, express or implied, and may be discontinued or modified at any time.


Beta products are for evaluation and testing purposes and are not intended for use in production, do not include support, are not subject to availability or security obligations, and may be subject to other conditions. easydoo assumes no liability for impairments or damages arising from or in connection with beta products. The Beta Products, including, but not limited to, the Customer's assessment of a Beta Product, are confidential information of easydoo.

4. Conclusion of the contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between easydoo and the customer is validly concluded with the registration and confirmation of these GTC by the customer. By registering, the customer declares that he or she agrees to these terms and conditions.


Unless otherwise specified, the customer's claims for performance shall only arise upon full payment of the contractually stipulated fee.

5. Contract Term, Termination and Consequences of Termination / Contract Adjustment

5.1. Contract and/or Subscription Period

Paid subscriptions are concluded for the contract period selected by the customer. At the end of this initial term, the contract will be automatically renewed for the same period under the terms and conditions in force at the time of renewal. If they do not wish to renew the contract, they must terminate it in the workspace settings at least 30 days before it expires.

When the contract is concluded for the first time, a credit card must be deposited for the payment of the user fee for the duration of the contractual relationship, without any special agreement between the parties.

If it is not possible to charge the stored credit card or if the stored credit card is invalid, the Owner will be informed and access to the Workspace will be blocked until the Owner has deposited a valid credit card via the link received from easydoo.

Once payment has been made, access will be released. All members (including super administrators and administrators) will only have access to the data again after the desktop has been released and can export or initiate a subscription change in compliance with the notice periods. Subject to No. 5.2 Premature termination of fee-based services is excluded. The free subscriptions can be cancelled by both parties at any time.

5.2. Extraordinary Termination and Blocking

We reserve the right to terminate the contract prematurely and extraordinarily for important reasons. An important reason that entitles easydoo to terminate the contract without notice includes, but is not limited to:

1.              Opening of bankruptcy against the customer, or the opening of bankruptcy against the customer was rejected due to lack of assets

2.              Failure to pay the agreed fees

3.              Violation by the customer of any legal provision, copyright, industrial property or name rights of third parties

4.              Use of the services provided by easydoo for the promotion of unlawful or non-contractual situations by the customer himself or the users invited by him the non-acceptance of amended terms and conditions by the customer himself or the users invited by him


In such cases, easydoo is also entitled to delete all data storage of the customer and any members or to block access for individual members or to the entire work area. The setting of a possible grace period to restore the contractual condition on the part of easydoo does not mean that easydoo waives its right to terminate the contract without notice.

5.3. Consequences of termination

Termination of this contractual relationship, regardless of the reason, will have the following consequences in particular:

(1.) The subscription price already paid by the customer expires and is not to be refunded by easydoo to the customer;

The customer acknowledges that easydoo and/or its subcontractors are entitled and obliged to delete the customer data after termination of the corresponding service, in particular Quota.

In the event of termination, easydoo will release the customer's account or the corresponding quota on the online storage within 30 days of termination of the contract and delete the data stored therein. The Customer is aware that it is responsible for the data backup and migration of the Customer Data on the termination date of the relevant Service. The customer has no right to receive the software suitable for the use of the customer data.


The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the data uploaded by him is available to him elsewhere in a timely manner. easydoo has no obligations to provide information in this regard. In particular, easydoo is not obliged to inform the customer before the expiry of the contract or the termination of this contractual relationship for any other reason that the data will be deleted after the termination of the contractual relationship.


If a member deletes his account, this means that he is no longer available for other workspaces of which he was a member. If the member is the owner of a workspace, he or she must appoint another member as the owner of that workspace before he or she can leave it.

5.4. Consequences of an adjustment of the contract

In the event of a contract adjustment in compliance with the agreed notice period for paid subscriptions, the following applies:If the customer switches to a less expensive plan (cheaper subscription variant) in compliance with the notice period, the number of members will be reduced to the number of members of the selected plan. Features that are no longer subscribed to remain in the desktop, but can no longer be used, e.g. files can no longer be downloaded or edited.

6. Services of easydoo/Intellectual Property

6.1. Description of the services provided by easydoo

The software is an online collaboration tool that allows the customer to collaborate via a web application ( or a mobile application in an online workspace. The Services may contain information, data, text, photographs, videos, audio clips, written contributions and comments, software, scripts, graphics, calendar entries, and interactive features generated or provided on or through the easydoo Offering. The software also enables the customer to manage his electronic data online in a data storage device provided by easydoo and, if necessary, to share it with other authorized members. Within easydoo, the user can communicate with other users in their own desktop via a chat function. easydoo communicates with the customer directly in the software or via e-mail. Information is also provided about e.g. new tasks, in the application. If he does not read it, he will receive a notification via e-mail.


easydoo provides the customer with the services according to the offer for a defined period of time, a certain number of members and a work surface by means of a browser and an Internet connection. easydoo transmits the data to the customer for access to the server. In the case of paid subscriptions, Customer will not be granted access to the Additional Features prior to payment of the subscription price due for the Usage Period. Use is limited to one work surface. The customer is not permitted to use the product beyond this.


easydoo provides storage space for customer data on the server for a contractually defined period of time. The capacity as well as the use of the storage space are defined according to the selected subscription.


easydoo is entitled to use subcontractors to provide its services.


Whenever possible, easydoo offers its customers onboardings and coaching sessions that are subject to a fee, which can be booked online. The offers and prices valid at the time of booking apply, which must be paid directly at the time of booking via credit card.


6.2. Intellectual property

easydoo retains exclusively and comprehensively all rights (copyrights, administrative rights, domain rights, trademark rights, patent rights, etc.) as well as all know-how to its website, its services and the software «easydoo».

The Contracting Party hereby acknowledges all intellectual property rights of easydoo, in particular its copyright to programs or software, software documentation, templates and other delivered objects created.

In the case of intellectual property rights of third parties, in particular software licenses from third-party manufacturers, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of use and license of these third parties; easydoo shall provide the relevant terms of use and license to the customer upon request.

7. Rights and obligations of the customer

7.1. Registration, Username and Password

As part of the registration process, the customer chooses a username and password. Registration is only allowed to customers of legal age and full legal capacity. Registration takes place with the access data created during registration (user name/password) or via a third-party platform or identity provider chosen by the customer. Logging in using access data is equivalent to logging in via an identity provider.

Der Kunde ist verpflichtet

1.              truthfully, accurately, up-to-date and complete information about themselves when registering, as required by easydoo's registration form; and

2.              maintain and promptly update the Registration Data and keep it accurate, current and complete at all times.

easydoo assumes no obligation to verify such information.

7.2. Access

The customer shall take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised access to easydoo's services, in particular to protect the services from unauthorised use. The customer is obliged to keep user IDs and passwords secret and to protect them against unauthorized third parties.


The customer acknowledges that easydoo does not have access to the customer's specified password. If the password is lost, easydoo will assign a temporary password to the customer.


easydoo takes precautions to protect its application from unauthorised interference by third parties. However, there is no absolute protection. easydoo cannot be held liable for the consequences of unauthorized interventions. easydoo is not obliged to verify the identity details of users. Likewise, easydoo is not obliged to take any copy protection measures. easydoo may consider any access with the correct access data (username/password) as authorized access.

7.3. Permitted Use/Software Release

With the conclusion of the contract, or in the case of the use of fee-based services, after payment of the relevant subscription price, easydoo grants the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and temporary right to install and use the software in accordance with these GTC. With the termination of the contractual relationship, this right of use expires without further ado.


The customer is entitled to use the software according to the selected subscription for a certain number of members and a workspace, see No. 8.2. The customer is entitled to view, change or delete the customer data uploaded by him during the subscription period.


The amount of the user fee for the paid subscriptions and the subscription variants are listed on the easydoo website (""). The subscriptions and prices published on the easydoo website at the time of conclusion of the contract or the extension of the contract are relevant.


The corresponding information on the easydoo website is an integral part of this contractual relationship.

7.4. Customer's Obligations/Unauthorized Use

When using easydoo's services, the customer undertakes to comply with the laws of Switzerland as well as those of his country of residence or residence and the users invited by him. In particular, the customer undertakes to upload only data for which he has the necessary rights and which do not violate Swiss law or other applicable law or violate the rights (in particular, but not exclusively, personal rights and copyrights) of third parties or easydoo.


The customer also ensures that easydoo's services are only used for lawful purposes and not in an abusive manner. In particular, the customer is prohibited from uploading illegal or immoral content and/or such content to the server that serves to incite hatred, incites criminal offences or glorifies or trivialises violence, is sexually offensive or pornographic, is likely to endanger the morals of children or young people or impair their well-being or is likely to damage the reputation of easydoo, or to refer to such content. The customer further declares that at no time will he upload content that violates contract or law, glorifies violence or pornography.


In addition, the customer undertakes to ensure that the data in his desktop does not contain any malware that could harm or harm easydoo, other customers or third parties. Before using the Services, the Customer checks its data for viruses and uses state-of-the-art virus protection programs.


If the customer discovers illegal content or other misuse of the services, he shall inform easydoo immediately.


The customer is not permitted to use the property beyond clause 7.3. In particular, the customer is not entitled to do the following:


1.              Modification, adaptation, translation, editing, arrangement or other modification of the software «easydoo» as well as the reproduction of the results obtained through it. Excluded from this are actions that correspond to the intended use of the software, including correction of errors by the person authorized to use the program, as well as cases in which the customer is instructed by easydoo within a reasonable period of time to remove obstacles to the intended use;

2.              Disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering or using any other method to obtain the source code, insofar as such actions are not necessary to establish the interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs and easydoo has not made the necessary information available for this purpose within a reasonable period of time;

3.              remove or alter any trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary rights notices from the Software;

4.              Lending out, renting, leasing or otherwise temporarily making the software available to unauthorized third parties.


The customer acknowledges that easydoo is entitled to terminate all contracts with immediate effect in the event of misuse of the services.


7.5. Deleting the account/leaving a desktop

Any member can leave a workspace, regardless of their role. However, if the member is the owner, they must first transfer ownership of the canvas to another super administrator.


If they want to delete their account, they can do so in the settings after they have transferred their role accordingly. The data from the canvas belongs to the respective work surface. These will not be deleted when deleting a customer account or removing a member.


If a customer wants to delete his account even though he is still the owner of a workspace, he must either transfer the workspace to a new owner or he must first delete the canvas and only then, in a second step, can he delete his account.


If it deletes the entire desktop, it deletes all content, data, documents, etc. The members of this canvas no longer have access to the deleted canvas.

Each supervisor of the work item has the option of transferring his work items to another member before leaving a workspace.

Furthermore, the provisions of paragraph 5.3 Consequences of termination shall apply.

8. Subscription Prices and Terms of Payment

8.1. Due date of subscription price/default

The subscription price is due upon conclusion of the paid subscription in the customer's account and is to be paid by the customer immediately for the initial contract term. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed between the parties, the customer must provide a credit card for the duration of the contractual relationship.


The subscription price for the further duration of the use will be charged in advance according to the subscription variant.


The user fee is due even if the services of easydoo are not used.


In the event of revocation of the customer's transaction to the credit card issuer or after the expiry of any payment deadline at the time of invoicing, the customer shall be in default without further reminder from easydoo. If it is not possible to charge the subscription fee in time, access to the workspace will be blocked.


8.2. Subscription price

The amount of the subscription price for the paid subscriptions and the subscription variants are listed on the easydoo "" website. The subscriptions and prices published on the easydoo website at the time of conclusion of the contract or the extension of the contract are relevant.

The corresponding information on the easydoo website is an integral part of this contractual relationship.

9. Customer's Liability and Indemnity

9.1. Submitted Content and Customer Data

easydoo does not undertake to check the legality of the content and data transmitted by the customers. The customer is solely responsible for the data uploaded by him. Accordingly, easydoo disclaims any responsibility for the content of the uploaded data.


9.2. Transfer of Services and Internet Connection

The transfer of the services takes place at the router exit of the data center in which the easydoo server is located. The customer is responsible for the internet connection between the customer and the data center and the hardware and software required for this (e.g. PC, network connection, browser).

9.3. Indemnification

The Client hereby undertakes to fully indemnify easydoo against any and all liability for damages, claims (including but not limited to third-party claims), demands and costs as well as reasonable attorneys' fees asserted against easydoo as a result of the use of the Services by itself and/or Users invited by it. easydoo is free to conduct such proceedings itself or to request the customer to immediately enter into and take over proceedings and disputes while at the same time fully indemnifying easydoo.


easydoo is also free to inform the member responsible for the uploaded content (see also section Error! Reference source could not be found.), or to prosecute the supervisor of the corresponding work item.


Responsible for the content and activities are the supervisor of the corresponding work items, or the user who uploaded the content (hereinafter referred to as the "responsible member"). The responsible member must immediately arrange for the infringement to be remedied. Several Responsible Members shall be liable to easydoo and shall indemnify easydoo in full individually for any damages, claims, demands, costs and reasonable attorneys' fees arising out of the data uploaded by the Responsible Member or suffered by easydoo as a result of the Responsible Member's violation of these Terms and Conditions or applicable law.


10. Representation and warranty of easydoo

10.1. Principle

The customer is aware that software may not be delivered or installed error-free due to the wide range of possible applications and its complexity. easydoo does not guarantee that the software will be available on all browsers without errors. According to the current state of the art, software cannot be guaranteed to be completely error-free. easydoo is responsible to the customer for the careful and contractually compliant provision of the agreed services.


easydoo only has a warranty obligation if deviations from published or contractually agreed specifications are detected, whereby these deviations must be repeatable (e.g. in the case of software functions) and lead to a significant impairment of functionality.


Customer acknowledges that when using the Software and Other Services, Customer may be exposed to content that it deems offensive, infringing, or otherwise unpleasant. The customer waives any claim against easydoo based on the content of the data stored or disseminated through the use of the services.

10.2. Exclusion of Warranty

The warranty obligation for easydoo generally does not apply to all kinds of interventions by the customer in the source code, in application scripts, in data tables and their contents, as well as in the event of unauthorized changes to equipment and parameterization of the application.


easydoo cannot guarantee that the easydoo software can be used continuously, uninterruptedly and error-free in all combinations desired by the customer, nor that the correction of one program error excludes the occurrence of other program errors.


For third-party products, i.e. all hardware, as well as third-party software, which is integrated by easydoo separately or into its own services or services, the warranty is based exclusively on the terms and conditions granted by the respective manufacturers/suppliers or licensors. This applies to the scope of services, the warranty period, the conditions for asserting the warranty and all other rights of the customer. The warranty rights for third-party products vis-à-vis easydoo consist exclusively in the fact that easydoo claims them against the manufacturer, supplier or licensor on behalf of the customer. If the manufacturer, supplier or licence partner does not voluntarily comply with the warranty obligation, the


easydoo assigns the warranty rights to the customer for legal enforcement.


easydoo also assumes no liability for the completeness, correctness, accuracy or timeliness of the texts, graphics, links or other information on the Website and/or in the Services. easydoo reserves the right to modify the content of the Website and/or Services at any time without prior notice.

easydoo does not guarantee that the Services can be accessed at all times without errors or that a certain degree of availability exists. Furthermore, easydoo does not guarantee that all data types can be played back in the future with the hardware and software available at that time.

10.3. Rectification

In the event of a warranty, easydoo is entitled to (multiple) rectifications.

If a defect cannot be remedied, the customer is entitled to a price reduction in proportion to the reduced value compared to the agreed delivery object.

10.4. Time limit for lodging a complaint

The customer undertakes to report a defect in the software or a deviation from the contractually agreed services immediately after discovery or commissioning. The report must be made immediately, with a detailed description of the error and in writing by e-mail to or via . If the customer fails to report this immediately, he agrees to the deviation, the error.

11. Liability and limitation of liability as well as scope of liability of easydoo

11.1. Liability and Limitation of Liability

easydoo is only liable in the event of intent or grossly negligent conduct. Otherwise, liability is excluded to the extent permitted by law.


Any further liability on the part of easydoo is excluded, in particular the liability:


1.              For indirect damage

2.              For consequential damages resulting from work by easydoo or its products

3.              For loss of profit or procurement costs for substitute goods or services

4.              In the event of a delay in delivery due to circumstances beyond easydoo's control, such as: reasons for the contractual partner, natural disasters, illnesses and accidents of key employees, labour disputes, late or incorrect delivery by third parties, official measures

5.              Damages of any kind that can be traced back to the fault of the contractual partner, such as

6.              Faulty software operation

7.              Modification of supplied software functions

8.              Provision of incorrect or incomplete information and documentation by the customer

9.              For the conduct of assistants consulted by easydoo

10.           For interruptions or damages caused by computer viruses, disruption and/or interruption of the Internet connection or denial-of-service attacks

11.           For any unauthorized access to, alteration, deletion, destruction, damage or loss of your data or other content, or failure to store your data or other content.

11.2. Scope of liability

Insofar as easydoo's liability exists, it is in all cases limited in amount to the proven damage, but at most to the contract value in the relevant calendar year.

12. Data protection and data processing

12.1. Applicability of the Privacy Policy

All parties undertake to comply with all applicable data protection regulations. At this point, we refer to the privacy policy of easydoo.


The customer can view the current version of the privacy policy on the easydoo website.


easydoo is entitled to make public the contractual partner as a customer of easydoo as well as the type of cooperation and to use it in an appropriate manner for marketing and sales purposes.

12.2. Involvement of subcontractors/Supplementary regulations for data protection and data export

easydoo is free to use subcontractors for the provision of the services, in particular for the "Quota" service.


If a subcontractor is involved, easydoo is still available to the customer as a contact person. The parties agree that any personal data of the customer or data of its contractual partners (collectively "customer data") transmitted in the course of the use of the services by the customer to easydoo or its subcontractors will be collected, processed and used by easydoo or its subcontractors exclusively as a data processor. In relation to easydoo, the customer remains the sole responsible body within the meaning of data protection law and is responsible for the lawfulness of the collection, processing and use of customer data in accordance with the statutory provisions. In doing so, the customer must ensure that he is entitled to commission easydoo and to transmit the customer data to easydoo in this context.


The parties further agree that easydoo is entitled to use the data provided to it in the context of order data processing for its own internal purposes, in particular for statistical evaluations and for the purpose of quality assurance and further development of the services provided, insofar as this usually serves the fulfilment of the contract. The Client will take any necessary measures and steps to do so, including providing reasonable information and obtaining the consent of its contractual partners.


easydoo supports the customer with regard to the obligations incumbent on him under the applicable data protection law, for example Art. 19 to Art. 24 DSG or corresponding provisions of the GDPR (Art. 32 to 36 GDPR). easydoo shall immediately inform the customer of a data breach within easydoo's area of responsibility. easydoo is entitled to invoice the customer for the costs and expenses arising from the provision of services.


The customer acknowledges that easydoo and/or its subcontractors are corrected and obliged to delete the customer data after termination of the contract or upon termination of the subscription in question (see section 5.3). The customer acknowledges that expenses incurred by easydoo will be reimbursed directly to the customer and that hours spent will be invoiced to the customer at the currently valid rate of CHF 280.00 (plus VAT).

13. Final provisions

13.1. Prohibition of offsetting

The right to withhold payments by the customer or to offset against counterclaims of the customer that are not recognized by easydoo is excluded.

13.2. Written form

Written form within the meaning of this contractual relationship in the case of communications also exists in the case of e-mails or a message on the customer's account.

13.3. Severability

Should one or more of the provisions of the contractual relationship be or become void or ineffective, the remaining parts of this contractual relationship shall not be affected. In the event of the nullity or ineffectiveness of a clause, it must be replaced by one that comes closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision.

13.4. Decisive Version

In the event of any inconsistency or question of interpretation between the German and English versions of these T&Cs, the German version shall prevail.

13.5. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The contractual relationship between the customer and easydoo is subject to substantive Swiss law; to the exclusion of conflict-of-law rules and international agreements.


For all disputes that arise in the course of the provision of services by easydoo to the customer, the court at the registered office of easydoo (currently: Egnach TG) is agreed to be the competent court. easydoo may bring proceedings before the competent court at the registered office of the customer; mandatory jurisdictions are reserved.​

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