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Before Christmas, I read an interesting guest commentary in the Luzerner Zeitung that got me thinking. I think the author, Susanne Wille, hits the nail on the head. The topic? Meetings, of course!

Meetings contain the concentrated load of communication and work culture that a company cultivates. However, it's hard to find a generalised answer to the question of how to hold the ultimate exciting and efficient meeting. However, there are many possible solutions. Let's be honest, some of them are more convincing than others.

We ourselves are probably not always sure either: are meetings time wasters, necessary evils in everyday working life or opportunities to broaden our own field of vision and achieve goals together? The answer to this question depends on many factors.

Ask yourself questions

There are countless other factors that have a significant influence on a meeting. The topic of the meeting, which inspires us or not. Who is leading the meeting? In what environment and at what time does it take place? And - are the right participants on board (see also: Thomas Troger article)? Our own attitude is also immensely important. Do we take the time to actively participate or are we already thinking about the next meeting, the next task or even the shopping list for the weekend?

When too many meetings prevent us from doing our actual work, Mrs Wille speaks of "meetingitis". That sounds terrible, highly contagious and paralysing like the flu. But let's look at meetings as an opportunity to make progress in our own work by inspiring others and being inspired, questioning, actively participating and getting the most out of meetings. Then we experience enriching meetings.

To what extent does your attitude influence meetings? We are interested in your opinion.


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