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Feature Updates: End of September 2022

Activities and notifications simple and clear

Being properly informed creates security. We are currently working on optimising the notifications on easydoo so that they are simple, clear and always relevant. With the current update, we have taken the first step and made the notifications clearer.

Activities in a new guise

easydoo informs you about changes and information that affect you under the menu item "Activities".

With today's update, we have redesigned the notifications. Related activities are displayed hierarchically. The top unit always shows you what it is about. Below this you will find the individual messages, with the most recent one always at the top. This allows you to quickly recognise what belongs together and the order in which the notifications were received. Unread messages are marked with a dot so that the view remains clear and organised.

We will continue to improve and optimise the notifications with the aim of providing even more efficient information.

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