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Feature Updates: January 2023

Work item types - individual, agile, customised

Have you already familiarised yourself with the possibilities of individual work item types? You have all kinds of options for preparing and mapping your process in easydoo, tailored precisely and agilely to your organisation. With customised fields, predefined planning steps, documentation and templates, easydoo adapts to your needs.

Since our last update, you have even more options. For example, you can create the work item type "Customer dossier" and the work item type "Customer order". You can customise both with individual fields. For the customer dossier, this could be contact details (email, address, title, etc.), for example. For the "Customer order" work item type, these may be fields such as quotation, order description, documentation, etc. You can also add a field to the customer order that leads directly to the associated "customer dossier" or inherits information from the customer dossier. This allows you to switch to the associated customer dossier with a single click when editing the customer order.

Are you interested in this topic? Contact us by e-mail at if we can help you.

You can find out more about the work item types here.


Integrate your own data

For some time now, easydoo has offered the option of integrating your own data (e.g. from a CRM) into easydoo. With the new possibilities of your own work item types, this external data opens up a multitude of possibilities.

Now you can map fields with customer data from your external system on all your individual work item types, or at least wherever you have work processes relating to the customer. This avoids having to enter data twice, but you still have everything available at a glance and can even use this data (e.g. addresses) to automatically create letters and documents. This data remains in the external system and is only mapped in easydoo in a view specially set up for your needs.

Some of our customers are already working with it. Possible work items that map such processes are

  • Customer dossier

  • Consultancy dossier

  • Complaint/reclamation

  • Customer order

  • Customer project

But these are just a few examples. There are no limits to your imagination and the possibilities are endless.

Are you interested? Then get in touch with us by email at We'll be happy to show you how you can use these features.


New view - Documentation

If you document properly in easydoo, you ensure that important information on tasks, projects, etc. remains traceable at all times. Documentation is an important part of various work processes.

You can now display all work elements (in addition to the list, board and read view) in the documentation view. This gives you an overview of all documentation and allows you to sort it chronologically within a folder or across the entire workspace. You can also search for keywords within the documentation and, if you wish, you can also print the documentation in this view.

Everything at a glance and clearly organised. All easydoo!

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