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Feature Updates: Middle September 2022

Document management and work planning perfected!

easydoo now automatically creates a version history of your files. It's simple and clear. easydoo now also offers you the option of creating collections for even more efficient work planning that keeps your head clear.

Versioning on files

easydoo perfects your document management by automatically saving versions of the file. The version history is visible directly on the file and each version can be restored for 90 days. You can also decide which versions you would like to have archived beyond the 90 days.

Find out more here.



David Allen's "Getting Things Done" method is based on the following fact: "The more information you have buzzing around in your head, the more difficult it is to decide where to focus your attention." This initial situation generates stress and prevents us from staying focussed. One of the first steps is therefore to tidy up your head and collect what is potentially a task or what you want to keep an eye on. Then you can clear your head again. Go through this collection regularly to make sure you don't forget anything.

We support this approach with the new "Collections" feature. Create collections of different categories and use them as a planning tool that you review regularly.

Find out here how and for what you can use this feature.

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