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Feature Update April 2022

Clear authorisation logic

Do I have access rights to an easydoo element via a folder? Or am I directly involved and am actively informed about relevant changes?

The authorisation logic of each easydoo element has been divided up more clearly and is now more transparent for the user. The folders that can be used to access the work item can now be found directly on the work item. In the context menu of the work item, you can find out who has access to the folder.

Which users and teams are directly involved in the work item and are kept up to date can now be found summarised and separately under the participants.


User-friendly submenu

We have taken on board the feedback from our users and brought the Work, Work steps, Sessions, Files and Chat areas out of their "hiding place" and placed them directly at the top of the folder path.

You can see in the path which folder you are currently in and can switch directly to the respective submenu.


User visibility

Perhaps you would like to invite customers to your workspace or external participants who should not be visible to everyone for reasons of confidentiality? You now have the option to do this.

Decide for selected users and also for teams if they should not be visible to everyone. You can find the instructions for this new feature here.

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