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Feature Updates: July 2022

New documentation with links

You can now create various links within the documentation of the work item, e.g. links to documents, easydoo elements, etc. You can still find an overview of all links linked to the work item under "Home", directly on the work item. You will now also see the links that were created in the work step or the documentation as subordinate links. This gives you an overview of all links, but still exactly where they were created and are needed.

Document templates

However, you can now also define document templates directly on the work item type so that you have the right letter and document templates to hand when working on a specific task. These are of course filled in with the fields you have defined in the work item.

You can use the connector to connect data from external tools, e.g. a CRM tool, and use this data (e.g. address) for your letter and document templates in easydoo. Please send an e-mail to if you would like to set up your connector.

Find help instructions in the full text search

Do you need help with one easydoo topic or another? Search for keywords directly in the global search in easydoo and find the right instructions. Display more information directly in the extended preview so that you can find the right one more quickly.

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