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Feature Updates: November/December 2023

Customised display in the list view

Individuell angepasste Darstellung in der Listenansicht

The list view offers you many options for customising the display of your work elements to suit your needs. You can set both the displayed content and groupings so that you see exactly the content you need. You can save the different views for yourself.

You can also edit information directly in the list view without having to open each task or work item individually.

You can find out more about this here.


File categories / "Files" module

Dateikategorien / Modul "Dateien"

Files that belong to a task, a work element, no longer appear in the "hodgepodge" of links, but have been given their own module. In this module, you can decide for yourself how the files should be arranged, grouped and sorted and which columns you would like to have displayed.

With the new option of defining file categories in the workspace, you have a new feature in easydoo that creates order. Files can be categorised and grouped according to these categories (e.g. directly on the task).

This feature will be available in all workspaces from 20.12.2023 (in the evening).


Add-On "Pivot"

Add-On "Pivot"

If you want to create analyses in easydoo, you now have the option of booking the "Pivot" add-on. This means that all fields that are maintained in work elements in easydoo can be used to create and save analyses directly in easydoo and generate them at the touch of a button.

These analyses can be displayed as tables or graphics. They can be exported to Excel or downloaded as a graphic file.

You can find out more about this add-on here. If you would like to book the add-on or experience the possibilities in a live demo, please send an e-mail to


More flexibility for individual users

Mehr Flexibilität für einzelne User

Grant administrator rights for folders

Previously, only users with the role of "super administrator" or "administrator" could create folders. So that work can be better organised, easydoo now offers the option of giving individual users or an entire team administrator rights to individual folders.

This leads to significantly more flexibility within the organisation without having to change the basic authorisation roles!

You can find out more here.

Share individual work element types with individual users

A number of individual work element types have already been created in many of our customers' workspaces. This makes it possible for the individual processes of each company to be solved as clearly and efficiently as possible in easydoo.

However, not all users need all the work element types available in a workspace. For a better overview, you can now define who needs which work element types and determine their visibility. This means that all users can only select the ones they actually need.

You can find out more about the individual work element types and how to set their visibility here.


Automate work and decision-making processes

Arbeits- und Entscheidungsprozesse automatisieren

easydoo has now created the option of mapping work element types as work processes so that a company's individual but clearly defined processes can be designed and automated as efficiently as possible.

A wide range of possibilities and options are available to you. Define:

  • which status should/may follow in each case

  • what information should be filled in and edited before the status can be changed

  • which status sequences are possible or not possible. For example, steps 3 and 4 are possible after step 2, but not directly after step 5.

This add-on can be booked immediately. This allows you to predefine a variety of work and decision-making processes in easydoo that you previously mapped in flowcharts or similar. Give it a try! You can find more information here.

We would also be happy to show you this add-on during an online demo.




In the list view, you can see directly in the Hierarchy column whether there is a superordinate and one or more subordinate elements.

If you want to see the hierarchy levels of your work elements, you can use the "Hierarchy" display in the list view. As usual, you will see the superordinate work element with the work element(s) of the subordinate hierarchy level.

If you open the work element, you will now find the hierarchies in a separate tab, where you can also create new hierarchies.

Why have we customised this area? 💡

The customisation of the hierarchies is the basis for further improvements that we have planned. For example, a Gantt representation/version in easydoo is planned, which will open up many new possibilities, especially in project work. - So it remains exciting!


We wish everyone a happy and relaxing festive season

and a happy new year!


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