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Feature Updates: Marz 2024

Discover the future of your efficient workflows with easydoo!

The easydoo team is always striving to develop innovative solutions that help you to manage your projects and tasks effortlessly. We are pleased to introduce you to our latest features that make working with easydoo even easier and more effective. From the creation of serial documents to the dynamic planning of your projects and the seamless data export option, we offer you everything you need to increase your productivity and optimise your workflows.

Find out more about our new features and see how easydoo can help you achieve your goals faster.


Create mail merge documents (from templates)

Seriendokumente erstellen (ab Vorlagen)

Serialised documents in easydoo! - Our new feature makes it possible. With just a few clicks, you can create several documents simultaneously using several work elements.

If you want to create a specific document, e.g. an order confirmation, from a template for several work elements at the same time, you previously had to open each element and create the document individually. Now you can select the relevant work elements, similar to a mail merge, and create the selected document across all of them. This is then linked to the respective work element in the files and is available for further processing or sending.

This feature is now available to everyone who has subscribed to the Document Templates add-on.

The new feature is described in detail here. Register for a non-binding online demo at


Document templates by user

Dokumentvorlagen nach Benutzer

Previously, all templates stored on a work element were available to all users. Especially if you had many templates for different users, e.g. with signatures, it was easy to lose track.

You can now specify who should see these in the definition of the templates. This means that everyone only sees the templates they need. Of course, this makes the whole thing much clearer and easier to use.

Find out here how you can set this up for your workspace.


Timeline (Add-On)

Timeline / Zeitstrahl (Add-On)

Navigating through the complexity of your workflows is simplified with our "Overview" function. This innovation gives you a holistic overview of your work elements with their work steps and their hierarchical structure in an easy-to-understand way.

The key advantage lies in the visual presentation as a timeline: the arrangement of work elements and sub-work elements as well as their stages are clearly displayed. This flexible and interactive display facilitates customisation and access to details, making planning more efficient and user-friendly.

This function can be booked as an add-on with immediate effect. Contact for a no-obligation demo. You can find more information here.


Export of work elements (add-on)

Timeline / Zeitstrahl (Add-On)

You can now export content from your work elements directly to Excel. This means you have your data for analyses and statistics at your fingertips.

No need to collate data or keep separate tables and lists. - A significant increase in efficiency for anyone who has to deal with analyses.

This add-on is available immediately. Register at to find out more


Are you interested in easydoo and would like to know how your process can be optimised with easydoo? 💡Then get in touch with us, we look forward to getting to know your processes. -

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