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Feature Updates: September 2022

Collections & easydoo Document Editor

The "Collections" feature has only recently been added to the easydoo feature palette, but has already received a small but nice upgrade. In addition, as an "experimental feature", we have activated an editor that allows you to edit Word files directly on easydoo. This feature is temporarily available free of charge as a trial version.

New collections with files

Sammlungen NEU mit Dateien

You only recently learnt about the Collections feature. You can now also upload files to easydoo (e.g. with drag & drop) and "deposit" them in a collection you have created. For example, create the collection "Check emails", for which you take time every week. Now drag emails directly from your inbox into this collection and take time once a week to schedule the emails, put them in the right context or delegate them to a team member. This way, the email is already on its way to being planned and won't fall through the cracks.

You can find the instructions on the topic of collection here.


easydoo Document Editor

easydoo Document Editor

We are continuously improving the file management on easydoo and bringing it to where you can benefit the most.

We are taking the next step with our easydoo Document Editor. As an "experimental feature", the editor (for standard licences) is currently available to you free of charge in a trial version. You will find the module in all Word files (see point 1, fig.).

Test this feature. We will continue to expand and improve it.

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