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Feature Updates: August 2022

Licence management for super administrator

Previously, only the owner (i.e. the owner of the workspace) could make adjustments to the licence. This is particularly difficult in larger organisations, as the principle of "the one and only" always entails the problem of a lack of substitution. Super administrators can now also make adjustments to the licence and, for example, adjust the subscribed plan or purchase additional licences.

In this context, we have adapted our GTC, which must now be accepted.

Copy folder

Previously, only individual elements could be copied into easydoo. Now you can duplicate an entire folder if you need it again in exactly the same form. Decide whether you only want to copy open or closed work elements, with or without sessions and much more. We have described all the options in detail in the instructions for this feature.


Delete entire folders with content

Previously, folders could only be deleted if they were completely empty. Although this had the advantage that the process was carried out with care, it was a great deal of effort. In view of the fact that folders can now also be copied, we have adapted the deletion of folders.

Administrators can now delete folders as a whole, i.e. with their contents, if they no longer need them and all their contents. However, we have adjusted the messages so that it is still a deliberate action. Because watch out ⚠: The folder will be irrevocably deleted.

We have adapted the instructions and under the tips in the instructions you will find an alternative to "Delete folder", namely creating an archive folder. 😎

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